Report As Spam

Users of LGfL mail will now see a Report as Spam banner in each email that can be used if you believe that the message is spam or contains harmful content.

By doing so the email will be investigated and should it be harmful, steps will be taken to quarantine and remove this email from the mail systems and make external mail providers aware of it to reduce the spread of it.

This service is available to users of Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Outlook 2013 (and later versions).

The following choices will be available when the Report as Spam option is selected:

Spam - This should be used if the message contains unsolicited content from someone the recipient does not recognise but is otherwise harmless.

Phishing – This should be used if the message is asking the user to provide usernames, passwords or other personal information.

Malware/Virus – This should be used if the message contains content that may be harmful to the user’s computer.

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